I was part of a team of five that created Ticket Tower, a jam-winning game that combines Jenga-style gameplay with a supernatural twist. In Ticket Tower, players must skillfully remove bricks from a tower to release the trapped families of ghosts inside.
Our game won the SEGA Arcade Jam at the Arcade Vaults, where we competed against other games that had to meet specific requirements. These included being skill-based and free from luck or gambling-based mechanics. We also had to create a backend system that allowed arcade operators to access relevant information and adjust the game's ticket payouts.
My role on the team was to bring everything together in the game engine, including gameplay programming. Excluding the data storage programming, which was handled by Kieran Moore. This project was particularly exciting because 3 of the team had never made a game before. Winning the SEGA Arcade Jam was a great achievement, and we were all proud to have been a part of it.