Cyberbike Champion was an immersive VR action racing game that challenged players to race a hovercycle through a dystopian sci-fi city while fending off rival racers with a laser pistol.
The project faced some unexpected challenges due to the hardware limitations of the Quest 2 headset. Despite using low poly models, the headset lacked the processing power to simulate city traffic, forcing me to put the project on hold. While this was a setback, I was proud of the skills I developed while working on Cyberbike Champion, allowing me to become a confident VR and UE5 developer.
The game was redirected as an arcade racer, drawing inspiration from classics like Outrun 2. The new format allowed for fast-paced, action-packed gameplay in short sessions, minimizing the risk of motion sickness and making it more accessible to a wider audience. Although it was a significant departure from the original concept, the resulting game was an exciting and enjoyable experience.