For my Final Year project, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Gaius Mulley on expanding Chisel, a map making and level design tool for DOOM3. The project involved adding new objects, such as stairs and spiral stairs, as well as expanding existing objects by incorporating more intricate details to plinths.
Throughout the development process, I met with Gaius on a weekly basis over Teams and Discord to provide progress reports. This experience taught me how to work with a large codebase and develop skills in setting and meeting continuous deadlines.
To create realistic designs, I relied on my previous experience in stonemasonry and used a book called "Practical Masonry" as a guide. By starting the actual development alongside my research, each action informed the other, resulting in a project that exceeded the original expectations.
Overall, I am proud of the outcome of this project and the valuable experience it provided. The project was very well recieved.